Teresa Harrison

  • Painting

I paint abstracts and abstractions of the human figure, using acrylic on canvas. I majored in fine arts with a focus on painting as an undergraduate at New College, in Sarasota, Florida, and have been painting ever since, as time, earning a living and family permitted. I am now fortunate to be able to paint full time.

While my paintings emerge from a non-analytic part of my mind, I see them as an opportunity to understand the link between mental life, inner vision, and the external world. They provide an opportunity to create something separate from each, evoking something about both.

I find reoccurrences of spheres, squares and the human figure emerging from my paintings. Spheres being found in the natural world from apples to planets, and the straight lines and right angles of squares emerging in human works, such images are a way of working with these opposing ideas. Images of the human body carry particular meaning for each of us, our minds, our essences, being encased in our bodies. Bringing these images forth speaks, through the human figure, to the deeper human personality within the body, and of the beauty of the body itself.

The images we hold in our minds are often fleeting or wholly inaccessible to us on a conscious level. Painting is a way of bringing forth those images and interpreting them within the context of the external world, of exploring the unknown: who are we, what is our world, what do other humans mean to us, how do we relate to this world and to others, and what is pleasing to us, what speaks to us.

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