14_0729 Lila SD - Found Art in Baja #1

14_0825 Lila SD - Doing Lunch at 80

14_0825Lila SD - Chasing Cows in West Marin

14_0825 Lila SD - Winter Sun along the Seine

14_0825 Lila SD - Sonoma Barn in the Mustard

14_0825 Lila SD - Dancing Feet



Lila Sparks-Daniels

  • Photography

Lila Sparks-Daniels comes to photography with a love of exploring the world around her and creating visual memories. She constantly “works” to capture the beauty and the dignity of everyday people. ….wherever she may be.

Since 1966, Lila has visited over 43 countries with camera in hand. Her images reflect her curiosity about the human condition and the ways cultures address basic life questions. Inspired by French photographers Brassai, Robert Doisneau, Henri Cartier-Bresson and Will Ronis, Lila follows their lead in honoring people going about their daily lives.

Often Lila is in Paris, a city with which she has an ongoing love affair. Making annual trips since 1988, Lila has created a body of work that includes thousands of images, a photographic book: Being in Paris, and a slideshow: Savoring Paris.

Lila Sparks-Daniel's book Being in Paris →

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