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Glenda Gentry

  • Photography

I have loved photography since childhood, was always the one wanting to take the family photos, friends’ pictures, vacation travels with our black box Kodak. I got my own camera—a Brownie Hawkeye—at twelve from Mr. C. C. Springfield’s small store in my hometown, Huntsville, Texas. (C. C. Springfield was the Weegee of Walker County.)

And my interest in photography has kept growing: I’ve made countless silver gelatin prints and exhibited some of them, mostly landscapes, have studied and taught photography, and have collected cameras, prints, and photobooks until I have simply run out of space to display, shelve, and store them. Currently, I sell books online, specializing in photo monographs.

These recent images are iPhotographs. My iPhone is always with me and, not surprisingly, my eyes are still arrested by light, shapes, surfaces. and more—everyday little miracles to me—gathered from this moment and that one and then another. It seems I just can’t help it!

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