Bonnie Neumann

  • Drawing
  • Mixed Media
  • Painting

Living in the Bay Area and virtually surrounded by water, I have been influenced and inspired by the light and movement of this element. Since 2009 I have been drawing lines suggested by the surface of bodies of water in Marin County, such as Bolinas Lagoon and Limantour Estero, and Clear Lake, about 100 miles to the north. These automatic and meditative line drawings are used as patterns that are then enlarged and made into various sized silkscreens. I use a silkscreen process with oil paint on wood panels and a series of multiple, thin layers, sometimes sanding between layers to create variations in the patterns. The layers are a choreography of process and contemplation, which determine the composition.

Pattern and repetition are a compositional means of holding energy, and they create a framework for exploring the unknown. Off-registration and variation of pattern suggests the chaos inherent in what appears to be orderly, while recognizable patterns hint at deeper internal structures. Off-registration and layering also create a visual shift in planes, resulting in a surface tension. This tension between pattern and ground adds a measure of ambiguity—perhaps like a memory that cannot be identified.

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