Alex Uncapher

  • Mixed Media
  • Painting

Alex Uncapher relocated to San Francisco in 2000, where he was active in the local art and music community for 10 years. Longing to get back to the land, he and his family searched rural areas throughout the Bay for almost 2 years, before finding a magical little cabin on Mt. Tam in 2010, where they currently reside. Much of Alex's inspiration comes from nomadic cultures and alternative lifestyles with an affinity towards the counter culture, hand-built off-the-grid shelters, eccentric and obscure music, free thinkers, and wanderers. He creates beauty from salvaged materials, repurposing found objects with new life.

There is intention and life in the objects he assembles for his "canvas", each having a unique history and energy, much like a Tibetan provenance. Before applying a single brush stroke, his canvases already tell a story, such as the wood collected from a scrap pile in Taos used to build an "Earthship" (sustainable, off the grid shelter), the old boat wood washed ashore off the Sea of Japan in the Yamagata prefecture, or the tongue and groove siding and wood framed windows salvaged from old victorian homes in San Francisco. Alex is a mixed media artist, renaissance man, and free spirit, working across many techniques and mediums, including painting, building, sewing, printing, film and music.

Alex's wife Apryl is a jewelry maker and craftswoman as well.

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