Artists of Mount Tamalpais, sponsored by the Muir Woods Park Community Center Association, is a group of 21 artists who live and work on Mount Tam. This exciting group of artists, with a wide range of ages and experience, includes painters, mixed media artists, paper artists, photographers, sculptors, textile artists, ceramicists, woodworkers, jewelry makers, and glass artists. Inspired by the quiet and majestic beauty of Mount Tamalpais, these artists reflect that beauty in their art.

Artists of Mount Tamalpais exhibits as a group (as well as individual members) in Mill Valley and surrounding areas. In addition, we hold an annual event to introduce the public to our artists and their work. Previously we held Open Studios Trail Walks in June 2012, September 2013 and October 2014, affording an opportunity to visit the unique and charming studios and homes of our artists during a leisurely walk that winds through the picturesque trails and streets of Mount Tamalpais. In 2015 Artist of Mount Tamalpais held a lively Art Fest and Sale at the MWPCA Clubhouse, including music and children’s art activities.

If you would like to to know a little bit about some of our members read these Artist Interviews which were published recently in the MWPCA newsletter, The Lookout.

To stay up to date with our artist activities please visit us at our Facebook page.

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